I didn’t run today, but by now anyone who’s used to reading my blog knows that doesn’t stop me from posting!

By the way, for all of you who had great runs this weekend, Alissa, Lisa, Chris, Shawna, Kaity, I am glad I could take one for the (virtual) team, by being the one with the crap run this weekend! So glad you all felt great out there and were setting new records, really. (I hope I have not left anyone out!)

I was so tired yesterday that I literally fell asleep on my front lawn. No blanket for me to be sleeping on, just me, face down in my Tshirt and shorts, on the grass, with my face on my chair’s bag cover. Bill was incredulous – I never nap (always wake up feeling grumpy) and for me to just lie down like a dog (his words) was unusual. We met friends for dinner last night, and got to bed by 11, to sleep in til around 10 this morning.  I would have slept even longer but we were having his family over for Father’s Day.  I  know that when I sleep like that, plus feel like napping all day, that my body is telling me to give it some more rest.

Tonight, I was looking on YouTube for some videos or songs that might motivate me to get my butt out there tomorrow and try again, as long as I get some really good sleep again tonight. Here’s a few I liked.

Advance/Run – look at the guy’s face when he first stops, and he’s trying to catch his breath. I can’t even count how many times I’ve looked like that. Thankfully, not as much lately, but that’s how I felt yesterday morning.  He quotes an Apostle, but don’t worry it’s not a religious thing. I’m sticking with it being related to running to be on this blog.

Tiesto, Just Be (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw) I’ve never heard of this guy before, but I like the tempo and words, might be good to keep me going some days.

I need to keep reminding myself, the bad days help to make the good days what they are, good. Also, it’s not September, it’s not like the marathon is next week. I can take my time right now and work on my diet, sleep, etc. Speed and distance will continue to come. My goal is to finish, anything else is secondary. At least I am getting out there, and at least I can run, there are many people out there who can’t.