I wanted to take a minute over my lunch to thank everyone for the support and comments from yesterday, which I didn’t get a chance to respond to individually like I usually try to do. (And a thank you to those of you who also stopped by my blog for the first time.)

I didn’t get to run last night due to work commitments, and don’t plan on doing so tonight because that would give me less than 12 hours or so between runs, with tomorrow being the long one for the week. I have on tap 8ish-9 but we will see what my body feels like doing. The plan is to probably run 6 miles with the team (although, sniff, without my running partner, Melissa) and then maybe do a loop around the Wakefield lake on my own (it’s about 3 miles around.)

This has been a weird week for me, sleep-wise. Work has been quite busy and when I’ve gone to bed at night, rather than falling asleep quickly, which is what usually happens to me (I’m finding it to be the case more and more with the increased running ), I’ve been sitting there trying not to look at the clock, FOR AT LEAST 90 MINUTES OR SO. 5 a.m. comes way too early on me. Anyway, I am finding more and more that the body and mind work together to help us achieve these running goals. I can’t continue to eat crap like I used to, and in fact, I find my body craving good foods these days (nobody out there better tell my mom, or she’ll be able to say “I told you so!”) 🙂 [Why is it that moms are always right?!] Sleep is also important. 5 1/2 hours a night, which is what I’ve averaged this past week is just not cutting it. (I don’t know how parents like Lisa and Chris do it.) I’m going to go for a walk tonight with my husband (if he can drag his tired butt around the lake – he’s a diehard Celtics fan, remember?)

I can take or leave basketball, but I’ve got to support the hubby on this one. However, as my grandmother, a huge Yankees fan (yeah, that resulted in some trash talking by me, since I’m a Red Sox fan, but that’s a story for another post) used to say, “it’s not over until the last pitch is thrown” or in this case, until the last buzzer sounds.

By the way, I’m adding three videos here.

For Celtics fans and Laker-haters, enjoy the highlights video from last night below, especially the face of the Laker player around 3:20, and Paul Pierce’s interview at 4:05. 🙂 Also, for those who like to think of the old-school Celtics days, see the last one below from 1986.

10,000 Maniacs, These Are Days (just because it puts me in a good mood to listen to it)

2008 NBA Finals, Game 4 Highlights

1986 Boston Celtics Championship – it says it’s 9:22 long, but it’s the same clip over and over, so you don’t have to keep hitting “replay.”  Then go to 7:45ish for the scenes playing with the credits.