There, I said it, and sorry, but this post may be a bit on the negative side. I am quite tired, and eating my dinner now, it’s after 9 on the East Coast.  I went to our team run tonight. Only, I ended up running alone for most of it, and without my iPod. I think in the future, I’ll either run a shorter run with my teammmates, then stop at my car and get my iPod if I want to do more, or I’ll just run on my own on Wednesday nights, and try to work on my speed.

Since last night was only a 3-miler for me (and included walking), I thought I should try to run further tonight.  I’m not going to be able to run tomorrow night due to work commitments (we are interviewing folks and I am scheduled to go to the candidate’s dinner with coworkers), and Friday night will be a short run of about 2-3 miles tops, since I want to do about 8-9 on Saturday morning. I tried (with “tried” being the operative word) to run 5. Compared to the humidity of last night, it (the weather I mean) was not that bad. Thing is, the girls I started running with, who were very nice, did the shorter 3-mile route around the lake. Our coach couldn’t come tonight, but my mentor Dave, and another mentor/alum? was there.  They took off at a faster pace than the girls on the team, so I thought I’d just kind of talk to the other girls so I could get to know them a bit, and then try to catch up to Dave and Sylvia later on. I did finally catch up to Dave, but at that point, needed to walk. (Mentally, I just didn’t have it in me tonight – I was hungry, or something, I don’t know.) Dave kept on going, and ended up doing the 4.5 mile route. I tried to attempt doing the 5 mile route. I walked twice. I just couldn’t mentally tough it out.  I was in quite a bad mood. – when I get like that, it’s very hard for me to get out of it. Usually music would help, but tonight I didn’t have it with me, because I thought I wasn’t allowed to run with it. The only song that kept going through my head was Journey’s Faithfully, and that was just too slow.  If you can’t remember what that song sounds like, use the link above – embedding is disabled on Youtube (sorry.) Not exactly the type of song that will make you run faster, if you know what I mean.

And, I may have said this in jest before, but I really  do not like hearing myself breathe. In fact, the louder the music is in my ears, the better I think I run. Some of us just need music to run, or need someone to talk to. I believe they call it disassociation. The book I’m reading, Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, tries to encourage people to be aware of what’s going on, and think about what you are doing. The authors realize that does not work for everyone. Well, I’m one person who that does not work for.  

Sorry to be so negative tonight, I am going to try to get more sleep tonight, and wake up in a better mood tomorrow. I’m leaving you with two songs by Stevie Nicks that I used to listen to on my iPod all the time, and for some reason, they must have gotten deleted off my playlist by mistake. The first – just click play and then minimize your screen – it’s not really a video, just the album cover. The second is Trouble in Shangri-La (anyone out there remember these?)  I’m in a Stevie kind of mood tonight.

Stevie Nicks, Planets of the Universe

Stevie Nicks, Trouble in Shangri-La (Not sure what this Spirited Away cartoon movie is, I’m embedding this here for the song! I couldn’t find the actual video of Stevie’s.) 🙂

Will place them on the Music page within the next day. By the way, if you like Go West (remember this blast from your past?) check it out – you might see something you like. 🙂

Happy Running folks, and to everyone who gave me words of support after I ran in this heat, thank you for not thinking I was a total nutjob, and for your kind, positive words.