Ok, I guess this song could be related to running in that it is motivational and inspiring – can’t we all see ourselves crossing the finish line in first? (I know, I know, there’d have to be no Kenyans, Eritreans, Ethiopians or elites registered for our races… sigh.)

For my husband, who personally requested that I put this particular video up here, and all Celtics fans everywhere, here’s a collection of scenes of Larry Bird, to the sounds of Winning it All, by the Outfield. My husband, Bill, is going to be so exhausted by the end of this series, always staying up to watch them play.  (I can take or leave basketball, personally.)  If you like 80s music like me, well, then enjoy…:-)

I will also post it on the Motivational Music page. And in case you are wondering, it is the ring tone on my cell phone, which used to belong to Bill. Any guesses how it got there?!

Ok, heading out to lunch, to see just how disgusting it is out there today. It’ll be a game time decision tonight, I guess, as to whether it’s cool enough to run on my way home from work.