We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the northeast – it’s been three days of really hot, and humid weather, so I think we can officially call it that.  After my 10 miles on Saturday, more mulching than I want to think about (seriously, we had 6 yards of it delivered and we are still trying to use it up) on Saturday and Sunday, I just couldn’t get myself up out of bed early today. (Mondays are my day off with the long 4-day workweek.)  By the time I got up at 8:30, it was already hot as hell.  I have a thermometer on the mailbox in front of our house, which is in the sun. By around 9 a.m. it was already reading 102.  No thanks. I stuck my head outside to take a subjective measure of the humidity level. Holy crap. No way was I going to run in that today.  So I bit the bullet and went to the gym instead, where I did the exercise bike and then did a lot of core-strengthening exercises. I refuse to feel guilty, since I didn’t run yesterday or today.  I just don’t know how people in the southwest and the southeast can take it.  Now I know how Alissa and the Alien feel.  I’m sure that no matter where you are, 90+ weather is hot, it doesn’t matter if it’s humid or not. But holy crap, it was so humid today. Just sitting outside on my deck for a bit was making me sweat.

I was planning on attempting to do speedwork tomorrow night since I’ve been running like a sloth lately. However, with tomorrow slated to be even hotter (if that’s possible), and an email from our coach to not attempt that stuff this week, I think I may be taking it more easy if I’m running outside. (I’m thinking running near a lake tomorrow night is a good choice.)

This is a song that I have on my iPod which usually tends to keep me going.  You have to love videos from the 1980s and the fact that they made NO SENSE.

True Faith, New Order

By the way, my reader Robert from the Chicago area finished his North Shore Half Marathon on Sunday, in 90+ humid weather.  He said it poured rain beforehand, and if any of you out there live in areas that get a fair amount of rain, you know that afterward, that sometimes has the worst effect of making it EVEN MORE HUMID.  He said that the course had a hill at about mile 9 (which I think is just cruel of the organizers), which was very difficult.  The important thing though is that he did it, HE FINISHED, and in 2:29.  Way to go, Robert, congratulations!!