In case you are wondering, is she really going to tell us every time she goes up by just one mile?!  In a word, YES. Every mile I increase by is now a milestone for me.  I’ve never run that far in my life, I don’t think I even ran that far in high school, or if I did, it doesn’t count for me anymore.  I think I am going to stick at this distance now for a little while, or next week, do a little less, since I know most of the training plans have you do something similar.

So today, 6 miles with my TNT running partner, Melissa (who is soon going to have her own blog, so stay tuned for my shout-out), and then I did 4 miles on my own afterward, all in Wakefield.  Thankfully the sky was very overcast while the two of us ran together.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I did use the Mini-Mule today, since I knew I was going to be running further along after our team run was over. I filled it with blue powerade, and it worked like a charm.  Easier even than the other day, my shoulders didn’t hurt at all, even though it had more liquid in it this time around.  And I like the fact that as I get more tired, it gets lighter.  Around here, there aren’t really public drinking fountains, or at least not where I am running, so if you don’t carry it, you’re kind of screwed.

I’d like to give a shout-out to one of my readers, and virtual running partners, Robert in Chicago.  He is running the North Shore  Half-Marathon on  Sunday in Highland Park, IL.  Forecast is to be in the 90s, with a 20 mph wind off of Lake Michigan.  Robert’s not a blogger like some of us, so you wouldn’t know that he gets up at 4:30 every morning to run.  Now, that is DEDICATION (and an inspiration to me.) Robert, tomorrow, just imagine someone yelling very loudly, “GO ROBERT GO!” when you feel like you want to quit.  You should know that my brother usually hears me cheering before he sees me, I am that loud.  Yes, I could rival some of those co-eds at Wellesley that all Boston marathoners seem to remember, if nothing else. So, “GO ROBERT GO!!”

Later on this weekend, I am going to sign up for the New Charles River Run 7.5 mile race.  There is also a 5K and a relay event.  The TNT team is going to be running it if people show up, but Melissa and I are both planning on taking our headphones to that one.  I want to see if I can now do the 7.5 at a faster pace than I did with Hyannis 7.2 miler a few weeks back.  Melissa and I are going to do it (believe it or not, but it’s her first race.) And yes, Kara, I’ll get you pictures of that mini-mule in action, very soon! (I feel kind of like a dork running with it, but it helps, so I try not to think about it.)

By the way, Chris, I did get my newest Runner’s World – did you also see the article that they had in there on iPods – that there is supposed to be some big pow wow this summer about whether or not these big races should really be outlawing headphones like they have been.  When I run by myself, I NEED that thing. I say, unless we are running to actually win a race, let the people in the middle of the pack  like me, and the back of the pack (where you can also find me some days) just blast away – as long as we promise to be aware of what’s going on around us, what can it hurt? (Oh, and thanks Chris, for the recommendations on music, too!)

Signing off – my husband and I did so much yard work (yes, even after my 10-miler), that as I write this, he’s napping.  Maybe I’ll join him, or go buy more plants for the garden. 🙂