Nope, not talking bestiality here. I’m talking about my Camelbak Mini-Mule, (click here for the picture) and all its shocking pinkness.  Bill suggested I try it out on one of my shorter runs before I took it to a Saturday long run, and like usual, he was right (my God, did I just write that? I can see his head swelling right now – I hope there is enough room for everyone in Fenway Park at this moment!) 🙂

I had it with me tonight on  South Border Road.  I felt kind of cool, like one of those ultra-runners who run tons of miles.  Of course I was only doing a little more than 5, but let’s forget about that little detail, shall we? First half of the run was crappola. Serious crap, not because of the Mini-Mule but because of my legs which again felt like lead pipes attached to my body.  It was also very humid out today – the kind of day where it almost wants to rain all the time, like the air is 98% water.  Gross, really.  And cold, and raw.  Made me feel bad for the families of the students who were graduating from the law school today.   But on Saturday it’s supposed to be around the 80s, so that’s Boston for you. If you don’t like the weather, wait a day or two and it’ll change. Sometimes you only have to wait an hour or two!

Back to the Mini-Mule. It didn’t move around on me at all. Yes, it is a little warmer with it on my back, but the Nathan water belt I tried did the same thing to my waist, plus I couldn’t use my shirt to wipe my face.  With the backpack, I could also use the harness around my waist to keep it from moving around, and easily loosen it so I could use my shirt as a towel. (Did I forget to mention in this post that I sweat a lot while running?!) The one thing I will need to work on is improving actually getting the water out of the tube while running – it’s one of those bite and drink mouthpieces.  The water also seemed to stay pretty cold even though it had sat in my car in the garage all day. It also tasted like water, not like plastic, as could easily have been the case. In short, I like it, and I’m going to keep using it.

I realized halfway during my run tonight, I had forgotten to take my vitamins this morning. I think that explains the crappola portion of tonight’s run. The second half was better – the legs woke up, and I just kind of said “Screw it” in my mind about my pace at that time. It had already been blown all to hell anyway by my having walked a few times. Tomorrow is luckily a day off for me. It’s Friday and like Alissa, I hate running on Fridays, especially when I know the long run is coming up.

So, record for the week so far – 3 days of pretty much crap workouts, and one good run with my coach.  Hopefully Saturday will be better.

I leave you with a video of a song that was playing in my car on the way home. It always seems to mellow me out, for some reason.  Maybe it’s her voice.  Kind of like Kara’s blog, Between the Miles, that you’ll see linked on the right hand side in my blogroll – I just get this calming feeling whenever I read it. Maybe it’s her quotes that she always includes.  Anyway, thank you Kara!

Colbie Caillat, Realize

Oh, and by the way, with the donations I’ve just received over the past few days in the mail, my fundraising is up over $1300 – yayyyyyyyy!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and to everyone who’s donated.  I could not be doing this marathon without your support.