Good Charlotte, Beautiful Place. This isn’t a video by the band or anything but does show some beautiful places in Finland. It starts out kind of dark for some reason, just give it about 15ish seconds, and it’ll brighten up. It’s worth waiting those few seconds.

On  Saturday after we were done running with the team, I ran around the big lake in Wakefield, so I could hit that infamous 9.89 miles that day and the song that I’ve posted above came on.   (Of course, running by myself, the iPod was blaring.)  I smiled to myself while running, and I thought, this kind of suits me right now.  I’m in one of those good places in my life. Wouldn’t that make a good memoir?

You can imagine my reaction when Will tagged me on early this week, after Kaity had tagged him. It was especially funny to me, because I had tagged her!  Do I have to tag someone else now, Chris?!

Anyway, I was in such a good mood that day that when I looked across the lake, knowing I had about 2.5 miles to go, and saw that there were very dark clouds on the horizon, I got so excited at the possibiity that I could run in the pouring rain again (weirdo, I know, I know…) that I yelled out to the next walker I saw, “hey look at those dark clouds!” then gave him a big smile and kept running on.  Yes, the guy probably thought I was a total nutcase. Oh well, if liking running in the rain makes you insane, then I think they need to build a lot more insane asylums, don’t you agree?  🙂

Anyway, I am in one of those phases of my life where I am happy.  Life is not perfect. The job is not perfect (no one’s ever is, and if you find someone who tells you theirs is, every day, etc., etc., then I can also find you a liar.) I still have debt, and will for a while because of my schooling.  I am driving a 10 year old car, probably unlike most of the kids that I graduated law school with, and who are likely making three times my salary. But you know what? Who cares!

What I do have is a good husband, a job I like, with a boss I really like (and I’m not just saying that in case she is reading this, I really do.) I have a very supportive family, especially regarding my running. (My brother’s volunteering to run with me underscores that last statement.) My health is good (knock on wood), my pets are good, etc.  While I may not have tons of friends, the ones I do have I value, even when I don’t see them often, or if they live far away.  My house may not be a McMansion, but I don’t want one of those.  My car may be older, but it’s a Civic, so it doesn’t eat gas (a good thing nowadays.) True, there are people I’ve loved that are now gone, but I am grateful for the time we did have together and for the memories I have of them.

I had a good run tonight with my coach, Kelly – we were the only ones to show up for the first TNT weeknight run. Only 3 miles but at a decent past, and I found out she’s another former lawyer like me. God, I needed a good run like that, one that I still feel in my legs right now! 🙂 

I’m in a good place right now.