While trying (and trying is the operative word in this sentence to focus on) tonight to lift weights, I wondered, if a lead pipe and a snail mated, what would their kid look like? Never mind that the lead pipe, just go ahead and picture it. Because their kid is me!! I am a snaildpipe as of this evening. I literally felt like I had absolutely no energy, and I could not get out of that gym fast enough. Sounds like the Due Theory has come through for me, loud and clear, except that it means I am due for a crappy week of workouts. To celebrate, I am eating an Oreo Cakester as I write this! And loving all the sweet goodness that will stay in my body even if we have a nuclear holocaust this evening. Both Big Papi and me, are not doing so well this week, sports-wise. (If you’ve lived in a cave since the 2004 World series, just know that Big Papi is seriously one of the best hitters in baseball and overall, in my humble opinion.)

So, since I don’t have much to write about tonight, I need to ask this question for anyone out there. I know my fear is unfounded and irrational, but I am afraid of tempo runs. I have this negative blockade sitting in my brain about them. It may be fear of feeling like my lungs are going to explode, or the fact that I can’t really tell which should be my pace for them – short of wearing that blasted heart rate monitor that I spent a lot of money on, yet can’t figure out how to get it to stay on correctly (sometimes my husband just laughs at my inability to get some small things to work). Yesterday, I had issues with it, and stopped just short of having a hissy fit as it held me up from getting started in the morning. I just said “screw it, I’m just going to go use the Garmin and go with God.”

So to my question – does anyone have a suggestion on how to get over an unfounded and irrational fear of doing a tempo run? or to get over that feeling of “My God, my lungs are going to explode…I can’t imagine going on like this for much longer, short of someone chasing me with a gun, and even then I’m not sure!”

I know it will make me stronger and more efficient, my brain gets it. I just wish there was a way I could tell it to my lungs. Any and all suggestions or Jedi mind tricks would be greatly appreciated.

I leave you with a random video – the cheesiness of it, I am going to try to erase from my memory, and just remember what the song sounds like:

Journey – Separate Ways, back with Steve Perry (yes!). It came on a TV show tonight that I was watching while posting, and for some reason it always makes me think of my brother’s graduation from college, trying to fall asleep in his dorm room (I was, like, 10) when I heard it for the first time. Not a song you can listen to with the volume turned down low, so if you’re in your office, just hit play, and then minimize your screen – it’s much better to listen to than to watch! 🙂 Enjoy my totally random thoughts for the evening, and yes, it’ll be going on the Music page of this blog.

Question – is she holding a walkman at the end of this video, or a very early model CD player? Does Steve Perry’s hair qualify as a true mullet, “all business in the front and all party in the back”? The fact that I am even thinking about this stuff makes me realize just how tired I am this evening and that I need to get to bed. 🙂