I’m off from work today (have a 4-day, but longer workweek schedule this summer), and am going out to garden and spread more mulch than I want to think of, after having had a crappy run earlier (will write a bit about that later).  However, I wanted to mention two of my fellow bloggers have written about their different marathon experiences.  Lisa, over at Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge, just ran the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon yesterday, way to go girl!!  And Run Addict just posted about his running  a marathon in Iraq, on April 19th, just a few days before the Boston Marathon. Cool that he got a BAA finisher’s medal – I think he totally deserves it. (I don’t know of many others who can say that they ran a half-marathon distance BEFORE 6 a.m. even hits their watch.   And he finished in about the top 25%.  Wow. Does anyone  know how HOT it is there?!  There are many phrases that are coming to mind when I think about that but since I’m trying to keep this blog PG-13, I’ll just say this: HOLY CRAP.) 

Their experiences are very different but equally awesome, in my book. I so look forward to joining your “been there, done a marathon club” this fall. 🙂