Today was my second run with TNT. I’m very happy to say that there is a woman I’ve met, Melissa, who I run with and who is great to talk with the entire time.  I just found out today she’d been in the Army, so she tuaght Nick and I some of their acronyms that they used to use – quite funny, I assure you.  Try to figure out what FEBA or FIDO stands for – use your imagination.  🙂  Today, the two of us ran 6 miles as our team training (actually, it ended up being 6.33 miles, per my Garmin, because we took a wrong turn, but that’s alright.)  We also ran with one of the mentors, Nick, which was cool, he was very nice.  I probably run a bit slower when running with people than I do on my own, but it does really make the time go faster to run with others – at least I feel like it’s not as hard.

After Melissa, Nick and I were done, I originally intended to run only another 2 miles, but as I got to one side of the Wakefield Lake, I said, “ah screw it, let’s just go the whole way around”, and I did! (Of course, I had my iPod on for the last part of today’s miles.)  I did run until Garmin hit 9.0 and then  walked .25 miles, and then started running again. Total for the day = 9.89!!!  I cannot wait to hit double digits, that will be such a huge milestone for me, believe me. 

So, last week I was asking everyone for suggestions about hydration. I went to REI tonight and looked at some of the hydration bottle belts, etc.  After trying again today to use my Nathan bottle/belt combo and absolutely hating it (I ended up taking it off and carrying it in my hand, not fun), I decided I would get one of the hydration packs.  The 4-bottle belts – I put one around my waist, and I know this is  problem a lot of people would want to kill me to have in my place, but it was just too big.  I don’t think there would be enough velcro for me to stabilize it on my waist for 26 miles, honestly. 

I tried some of the women’s hydration packs and the 70 oz., while the amount of water I’d probably drink (I sweat a lot, it’s disgusting, I admit), would end up weight about 6 pounds, and that does seem like a lot.   So, I looked at the hydration packs, and guess what I bought? A HOT PINK kid’s mini-mule, that holds 50 oz. of liquid.  You have to keep in mind, I’m only about 5 feet tall, or 5’1′ per my driver’s license. It just seemed to fit me better than the women’s, since I’m so short. The women’s ones, I think when filled, would have been hitting me on the butt again as I ran.

You must know what’s coming next, the all famous picture of course!

carries 50 oz of liquid

So we’ll see how this works – I have high hopes!  So yes, two milestones for me today – running 9 miles for seriously, the first time in my life, I think, and getting my most high-maintenance part of gear so far. 

By the way, I noticed today that people had clicked through to my blog through another one, called Planet Ynnep Running, which I had not seen before.  Turns out Southbay Girl runs, in my opinion, on one of the most beautiful islands – Catalina Island. Take a look at her pictures, here.  I am so jealous. 

Anyway, just planning a short recovery run in the morning, some gardening and maybe grocery shopping (yeah even I think all of that might be a tad unrealistic) before my friend Nicole’s wedding.