Yep, even I can tell that this post is going to be boring. Sorry!

No running tonight – I had thought of going to the gym to lift weights, but then I remembered – I had manure and top soil at home that need to be put down on my vegetable garden, and since each of those weighs 40 pounds, I figured those could be my weights.  In New England, it’s not safe to put veggies out in the garden until at least the end of May (sad, I know, our summers can be pretty short sometimes.)  Besides, I’d like to try to run about 8 miles tomorrow between the TNT training and my own afterward, so I figured giving my legs another night of rest wouldn’t kill me.   And I just love the idea that I will be eating some of my very own veggies again this summer. Once the farm stands open up, I just hate having to get veggies at the supermarket! The tastes just don’t compare.

My little brother left me a voicemail earlier telling me he just did a 30-miler today to get ready for his Finger Lakes 50 Mile run in July.  My big sis’ reaction – “he’s sick.” 🙂 She’s in South Bend this evening since Steven’s Sunburst Marathon starts at the bright and early time of 6 a.m. I guess his goal is to do the marathon between 4 hours, 30 minutes, and 4 hours, 45 minutes.  She and I were joking that when Jamie runs with me in October, he may need to run ahead and come back or do laps around me if he feels the urge to run faster than I can keep up.

You want to know something that is sick?  I just got my new issue of Running Times magazine this evening. They have an article in there talking about the Kenyans. I guess now the time a Kenyan likely has to run a marathon in to make the team is 2:05. Ok, I would be lucky to do a HALF marathon in that time!

Ok, I’m off to write out some more thank you notes – I am trying to keep up with them as best as I can, but thankfully, I have been receiving a lot of generous donations from folks, so as long as I am always a few behind, that’s actually a good thing, right?!