In keeping with my memoir of last week of getting rid of all the negatives, and keeping the positives, I realized that to ignore a negative, is not to get rid of it. That’s avoidance. Sweeping it under the rug – well, it’s still there, but now you have a bump to trip over.  Over the next week, I am going to do the best I can to rectify the last big negative in my life. If that does not work, then it really is going to be “good riddance” time. 

At one point tonight I even toyed with the idea of not running, that’s how bad my mood became. Then, I decided, “no, that’s not the answer. The answer is to do something that will require a lot of focus to the obliteration of all else.”  For me, that is hills. I ran the Winchester Hills again tonight – the same ones that forced me to walk at the top of most of them after the first mile or so.  The same ones that make me feel as if I’m running a 45 degree angle, but as Chris tells me, are more likely are equivalent to an 11 to 16 incline on the treadmill. Well, tonight I ran 4.01, all hills, up and down, over and over, and I did NOT walk. That felt damn good.

At first I had told myself, just try to run further than 1.03 miles of hills without stopping. That then became 1.5. Then up to 2, then ok, 3 miles. Then I just said to myself “screw it, just do 4, you big baby.”  I DID! (Picture me raising my arms and yelling Hallelujah!)

I came across another blog tonight of someone named Jenn, who is raising money for the American Cancer Society. It’s called My Second First Marathon – I think it’s great what she’s doing, and I like how she has her playlist that starts up when you click onto her site. I am not sure how in the world she found my blog, but I’m glad she did! Thank you, and good luck to you, Jenn!  Like me, she is asking for heroes’ names, regardless of donations to her cause. Her list is getting long quickly – let’s hope that next year at this time, there won’t be so many people dying from such an ugly monster.

I am happy to say I am over halfway to my minimum fundraising goal for Team in Training – whooppee!!