The other day I found my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 on Ebay in MY SIZE OF 7.5 and I immediately snatched them up!  They arrived the other day and I am so happy. Yes, this is the point I’ve gotten to in my life, where I feel like I have masterminded a coup by getting my shoes at $35-40 off, even though they are identical to the pair I already own. 🙂

Why buy two pairs of the same thing? My brother used to work at a running store in NYC called Jack Rabbits, and he said that the cushioning in your shoes actually takes 2 days to bounce back – 48 hours, from every run you put them through. Even though it seems like you are putting more money out at one time, you actually help yourself by always running on a shoe with fresh cushioning, and instead of beating the hell out of one pair for three months straight, you can stretch out each pairs’ life for 6 months.  When I put on the new ones tonight, they felt like slippers again. Sooooo-ooo— nice. (True, the “old” ones are only a month or so old themselves, but I noticed the difference!) I’ve heard the GTS 8 don’t have as good cushioning, say it ain’t so!

Anyway, just felt the need to share – thank you to everyone for their input on the water/hydration options out there – I really need to try some of them out! Glad you all liked the pictures too! Wait until fall hits New England – I may be biased, but you can’t beat the colors in New England or the Mid-Atlantic in the autumn  season. I will be sure to take some then…