Yes, I am just a blogging fool this evening! Bill teased me after we came home from the Cape, that I must have had all this stuff inside bursting to get outside and be written about, and he was right!

Before I forget, here’s a video/song from the All American Rejects, Move Along. It nevers fails to help me run. I think we can all get some motivation out of it, but this is especially put here tonight for Tamara, over at Eat My Dust, who I think it’s especially fitting for, after having read her 6-word memoir. (Maybe not the actual video itself, but the song itself.)

  Yes, I am also updating my music collection as we speak.

Here are some pictures of my route this evening – I did 2 laps around this lake/pond tonight (with some detours) so the total for the evening was just over 5 miles. It was really hot and humid (ah yes, summer comes early to Boston!) so I did walk a bit in the beginning – with my asthma, it’s always especially hard in the humidity, but tonight I did feel that I am getting stronger, lung-wise, than I was at this time last year.  This is also the lake/pond I ran around last Thursday night in the pouring rain. That night it was 3 laps, and every two miles I toyed with the idea of possibly stopping, but I refused to give up!

These are all from my cell phone, I am very happy that they came out like they did!


horn pond at sunset

Horn Pond at sunset    




horn pond through branches

Horn Pond at sunset through branches (above) and below yet another of the far off island



canadian goose at sunset


Canadian goose at sunset (Robert in Chicago, this one is are for you!)



multiple canadian geese at horn pond

Multiple Canadian geese – there are many little babies at the lake/pond right now but these were all adults (will try next time for you, because they are adorable!)



island far off at horn pond

Not sure if you can see it, but there’s an island in the middle of the lake. Right now, we’ve had a lot of rain, but sometimes you can even see less of it.



Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!