So, I have some good news about the Maine Marathon. I was talking to someone in line for the ladies room before the race on Sunday (is there ever NOT a line?) She said her friend ran it last year and that it was one of the most beautiful races she’s ever run. I’m glad to so far have only heard positive things said about that race.

The real good news is that my brother Jamie offered to run it with me, over the weekend.  I thought he had been planning on running the Philly Marathon again this year to move his seeding up for the Boston Marathon next year but he’s not. His time from last year of 2:55:33 will hold for 18 months, so he’s still qualified for Boston in 2009 with it. He said after is 50-mile race this summer he’s not planning on doing another long race (except for with me) until next spring. He’s burned out on doing the races at high speed. I just kept saying, “Are you sure? You don’t mind running it at my slow pace?!”  And he doesn’t, plus it’s a cheaper marathon than most (like $55, I think), and it’s in October, in Maine, so hopefully it’ll be cool out (we both love running in the cooler weather)  so we’re going to do it together.

Now, I KNOW I can do this! I mean, I know I could before, but it will definitely help to have him run alongside me.  There were many times this past weekend when the field spread out, and I found myself running all by myself, and well, I definitely like people running around me, to help stay motivated (even if I do have my headphones on and can’t hear them.)   My mom said “well, that’s good, now you can’t get bored.”  (Um, I seriously doubt the word “bored” will describe me that day, but it’s cool.) Bill was looking forward to having Jamie to hang out with, but now he’ll have to just try harder being a spectator! 🙂

Oh, and here are some pictures of the Cape – I know, I know, not related to running at all, other than that I was on the Cape, and I ran a race, but anyway, here you go!

beach at Green harbor

Beach at Green Harbor (in West Yarmouth, MA)

Nantucket Sound - open ocean

Looking out toward Nantucket Sound and the open ocean

Kennedy house in Hyannis

This house is huge – it’s on the private beach that Bill’s parents’ street own the rights to, even though they are about a mile away.  The guy who owns it is also said to open the Roxy Strip Club in Rhode Island. So, Bill and his brother refer to it as “the house that (I’ll refer to as “boobs”) built” (this blog is PG-13, after all, so you can imagine what words they really use.)

lighthouse and house

I meant to post this picture last night – remember how I said we ran by a lighthouse on our race on Sunday? This is the house right next to it. We looked at it more up close – we really think it’s someone’s private residence – this is right on Hyannis Harbor, in what is referred to as Hyannisport. Think “expensive!!!”

boardwalk at grey\'s beach

This above is the quarter long mile boardwalk on Gray’s Beach, which is in Yarmouthport, MA. It’s on the northern side of Cape Cod, so the water is a bit colder.  It’s a salt marsh also – when we were there, it was when the tide was going out.

storm clouds at grey\'s beach Gray’s Beach around 5ish in the evening.

More of Grey’s Beach – this shows more easily that it’s a salt marsh. salt marsh

marsh sign Self-explanatory, at Gray’s Beach. bill at grey\'s beach Bill, the long-suffering husband. (yeah right)

Grey\'s beach Gray’s Beach again – that’s an osprey nest in the distance – it looks much farther away than it really is.

Oh, and I’m sure you’ve all heard what is going on with Ted Kennedy and his recent diagnosis of brain cancer. This picture below is the one I think is now his. It used to be his mom, Rose’s house. From what Bill tells me, Ted owns much of the compound now – it’s in Hyannisport. The race took us within about a 1/3 mile of the compound.  You might not be able to tell, but they own a LOT of beachfront property, with a lot of it around to the back of his house in this picture. They are very low key when on the Cape, and supposedly very good neighbors. Should be interesting to see what happens to his Senate seat in the next election if he’s not well enough to run.

former Rose Kennedy\'s house

I hope that you like New England – wait until another month or so, then the hydrangeas will be blooming like nobody’s business! By the way, you can think of the Cape as your right arm outstretched, and bent at the elbow. Hyannis and Yarmouth are considered to be mid-Cape, so they’d be right where you bend your elbow. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Boston in good traffic. To be honest, it always feels like it’s another world away from Boston, in every sense of the word. 🙂