Oh yeah, I am talking to myself in that title – did I forget to say that?

On the Cape, Bill’s parents only have dial-up, which is, in my opinion, like going unplugged. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be nowhere near the Internet. Cape Cod is one place where things seem to move at a more relaxed pace. So glad for that.

So I will be sure to take lots of pictures for those of you who are landlocked, or nowhere near the ocean, and will also have Bill take pictures of the race, too, which looks to be quite interesting from all the emails I’ve been getting about it. Hopefully, I’ll be looking victorious at the finish line!

Not sure yet if I’ll take the computer and just write up text files every day, so you can get the play-by-play, or if I’m going to just write one big post at the end.

(Ok, break from my class is over.)

Anyway, have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!