Now I know what you are thinking – how in the world is she going to relate this to running?  As my “about” page says, I can relate just about anything, and I mean anything, given a little bit of time, to relate it to running.  Here goes…

By the way, I totally recommend my advisor to anyone – and that is how the connection came up. She gets most of her business now through word of mouth and I told her if it seemed like anyone could use her that I met through TNT, I”d be happy to give them her name.  I also told her how I’ve been reading all these books lately about training for a marathon (all the ones that you all recommended are finally in from the public library, and they were all great suggestions, btw, so thank you!).  All these books keep saying how you need to be positive overall in your  life, or you can’t be the positive person you need to be to run this thing.  She said, “it’s the same way in my profession.  They say you need to be positive in everything to get through it. It’s called positive self-talk.” She said if you don’t have it in her job, you can’t make it, you’d get too stressed.  [If you want her contact info, just put a note in the comments, and I’ll email it to you.  I know she has clients in different states.]

One thing she said that made me smile – Bill and I are finally in the black.  Yay!  With all of my school loans (a master’s in library science and law school degree don’t come cheap, I wish they did), I never thought I’d hear a financial advisor say that, unless I was ready for the nursing home.  There’s still a long way to go, but we’re making it slowly but surely.

So here’s a video I found online tonight – I’ve been getting a sense from some of the blogs I read that some of us are feeling a bit down lately, so I hope it provides a calming feeling, and a bit of inspiration. I’d never heard of this poem before, Don’t Quit. (I’m probably the only one, I know.)  About 1 minute and 10 seconds in, you’ll see “my” picture (you’ll see what I mean.)  🙂  About 21 seconds in, there is a most adorable picture.

Now, I just have to figure out my six-word memoir (thanks, Chris, this is a good exercise, really.  It’ll give me something to do tomorrow during my Flash training breaks and on my run.)