Before I started running and reading everything running-related I could get my hands on, if you’d said that first phrase to me, I would likely have looked at you and said something like “whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?” (If you don’t get this reference, then please don’t say anything and make me feel old…ha ha ha), but do watch this video:

Yes, I am old enough to have seen this sitcom BEFORE it was put on TV land, or showed up on youtube, etc. Don’t remind me! 🙂

After running the hills last night, you could say that my legs felt sore, just a wee bit  sore today.   That’s ok, the pain lets you know you’re alive, right?  My hubby is sick so I’m loading up on vitamin C and echinachea like nobody’s business.  I also didn’t run tonight but lifted weights and did some core-training exercises instead.  Usually I even use the machines to work on my legs but tonight I thought it best to just concentrate on my (comparatively) wimpy arms.  So, nothing really exciting to report, sorry, just some “Active Rest.”

Still no word as to why my 10K race now is 7.2 miles, although the website is now updated to reflect that. I realized that it is equal to the distance of the Falmouth Road Race, which is an insane race that always draws such amazing top-of-the-field runners, but which is so crowded that you can’t really worry about your times if you are not an elite athlete. I’m now just a bit confused about the actual map – they have this map on their website, but it looks to be for the 10K. It wasn’t there a few days ago, but I found it today.  Bill was very disappointed that now he has to actually move from the starting line to another location for the finish line.  (He’s gotten used to having that cushy job of just waiting for me to reappear at the end…) But seriously, I do not know where I would be without him. It is always nice to have at least one person there cheering you on.

Oh well, I do get confused easily…hopefully I will have some good pics after this whole thing is said and done.  I pray not to get my ass kicked by a 10 year old again! Or a stroller! Or ANYONE in a costume!  Those are my goals for this weekend (lofty, I know), plus I’d like to run this race in under 70 minutes.  That may or may not be realistic given the size of the crowd that might show up.