Yes, give me strength is right.  I just got an email tonight from the event organizers that the middle-distance race for the Great Hyannis Race on Sunday was changed from a 10K, down to an 8K and is now up to a 7.2 mile race.  What do you think – should I do it as a long run?  (That’s all it could be at this point.)  It’d give me a chance to try out my water belt again.

I would plan on not doing much on Saturday, and Friday is out for running between working all day and then traveling down to the Cape. So my legs would be pretty fresh.  I’d have to try to not get swept up in the adrenaline of the race, and just run at my slower pace. The Cape is pretty flat, especially around Hyannis.

By the way, I heard from my brother tonight and he thought I should keep doing a long run on the weekend. He thought I should even increase the distance, but I feel nervous doing that already. I am not him and I just don’t have the running base he has. I think I may stick with the 7 mile range and get really comfortable with it, and work on the hills and speed workouts during the week.

My only other option is to do a 5K, because the half-marathon just can’t happen this early yet.  Should I go for it?!