I trained with our team for the first time today – we had to be there at  7, as in a.m.  I don’t mind getting up that early during the week (ok, I mind sometimes, but hey, I have a job so I have to be up by around 5:30.)  Getting up that early on a Saturday is much more difficult! I have to get up that early so I can have coffee, otherwise I cannot function at all, and I had planned on running about 5-6 miles on my own after running with the team.

I ended up running 3 miles, and it was not too bad actually. I might have the most running behind me of all of them but that’s ok.  It’s nice to actually be ahead of the game for a change.   However, I did hang to the back of the group, and talked to a nice girl that had been sitting near me for the first part of the training session.  We were given the option to run 1, 2, or 3 miles.   There was only one other person who decided to run around the entire lake, which is 3 miles, and I took my time catching up to her since I thought I was going to run on my own afterward. She was very nice and said afterward that our talking together actually made her run faster than normal and she thought it made the time pass faster. That was good to hear!

Here’s the funny thing – remember how nervous I was to run with people – well, I ended up being the chatty one (I know my husband while reading this will probably think to himself, “ya think?!”)

My coach said that she didn’t want me to keep running 7 or 8 miles on the weekend like I’ve been doing but rather I should concentrate on doing more hills or cross-training on the weekend in addition to running with the team so that I wouldn’t be as she said “pounding the pavement” so much more than anyone else. I took it at face value and then went to the gym and biked 14.4 KM on the “hill work” setting, but I have to admit, I felt it was kind of a wimp-out for me to do that. However, now I do feel pretty tired too, but it’s a good tired.  I’m going to have to talk to my brother too and get his opinion.   I can see the coach’s point – that I don’t want to completely stress my joints (after all, I am 35, not 25), and I don’t want to peak too early ahead of the actual race this fall) but on the other hand I worked so-o-o hard to get to that point where I could run 7.5 miles, I don’t want to lose it. The coach said that doing more cross-training, and hill work would make me overall stronger.   So anyway, that is where I am at.  It will definitely take some time to get adjusted to running with people and finding a pace that I think is rewarding. Maybe some days I will just ask them if I can run a bit faster and treat it as a tempo run. 

I decided to sign up for a 10K race next weekend since my husband and I will be on the Cape for the Memorial Day holiday. It’s actually three road races rolled into one – the Great Hyannis Road Races.  There is a half-marathon, a 5K and a 10K race.   I figure I can use it as a longer run for the week, if nothing else. Plus, it looks pretty cool, like there will be lots of people involved – I may be strange, but I really like races with lots of people in them – it gets the blood pumping, you know?

I probably won’t get to post tomorrow because I am going to my uncle’s memorial service and it’s a good 2.5 hours each way and I still have to work on Monday.  He died this past February from Alzheimer’s but he decided to hold off on having a service until the springtime.  Wintertime in eastern New York State can be pretty iffy, in case you’ve never lived there.   I haven’t seen my cousins in a while, so it will be good to see them, I just wish it was under different circumstances.