Go back and read the title and imagine it being said by Ross on Friends.  Yep, that’s what I intended.

So I decided tonight to do intervals. Or speed work. I’m still not completely sure what the difference is except that they are both hard to do.  I was going to attempt to do it at my high school track, but when I got there, there were about a gazillion kids there, so I grudgingly decided I would do them on the treadmill at the gym.  Now that I have been running outside again for about 6 weeks or so, I just find it very hard to run inside. I feel like I get hot much faster, and God, it’s so boring.  I have to admit, though, I think the running outside is definitely making me feel stronger. I used to try to do about 10 or 11 400s with about a 200 yard (or .10 mile) in between to walk. Tonight I decided I’d take a page from Alissa’s training and do some 800s.  I did 6 all together at about the 7.5 speed on the treadmill – well, actually the first 5 were at that. The last one kind of varied from 7.5, down to 7.0, back up to 7.2, and then finished strong at 7.6!! Next time, I’ll try to go a bit faster, or see if I can do at least one more. The last one was definitely pretty hard. I only gave myself about 2 minutes in between each one (except for the last one, I gave myself 20 extra seconds rest because I felt I needed it).  True, I was walking a bit slower in between but I was finding that my recovery times were feeling better and faster than the last time I ran in the gym.  Running at 7.0 actually felt slow compared to the 7.5 speed – now, that’s a statement I never thought I’d make.

So I have two bits of good nights tonight: 

(1) One of the blogs I used to read, which had disappeared for about a week or so, is back! Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge is back! This woman is amazing – she’s over 40, she has two kids and she’s finding the time to train for her first marathon.  She just ran her first 20-miler – wow!!

(2)  The other piece of good news is that my fundraising is moving along. My online site is up to $795 and I have a check from one other person, plus pledges from others to donate too! Wow! (Check out My Fundraising Page, on the right hand side of this blog!)

Oh, and would you like to hear of an amusing image? Many of my husband’s friends would like to see me push him 26.2 miles, you know, like Team Hoyt.  (By the way if you don’t know of them already, I suggest you look at their site. They are a truly amazing team.) Yeah, like that’s going to happen! Anyway, my husband has taken this to the next level in his imagination. He would  like me to take a triple baby stroller and modify it accordingly so he can fit comfortably inside. Then, because he doesn’t want to get “bored” while he’s in there for 4+ hours, while I’m huffing and puffing away, he’d like to have his flat screen tv, thank you very much. In order to not take up any of his precious stroller room, he said he’d like it to be on a cart in front of him, which, you guessed it, I also get to push. Ah, the urge to kill the practical joker can be strong sometimes….sigh.  Yes, I did make the voluntary choice to marry this person.  🙂  (He has started putting out feelers to me about doing a guest blog entry every now and then, kind of like the  Sportsgirl does with Bill Simmons on ESPN.) I think the jury will be out that one for a while…and I digress, so I think that’s my cue to end it for the night.

Saturday is my first morning training with TNT – I’ll let you know how it goes overall, and how I fare in my running with people for the very first time in many, many, many years.