These are good words to live by, and something I need to remind myself of. Often.  The Type A personality I had in law school reared its ugly head tonight, even though I’ve been trying to suppress it for a while now.  Tonight, I thought I would run around a “pond” on my way home.  It’s the same one I ran around in the rain a few weeks ago.  Much nicer in the warm sunny weather, except I had two observations.  (1) in warm weather, there are lots of people around, which is good in case something like a medical emergency happens.  Someone will have to have a cell phone. (2)  When there is such nice weather, and so many people, you can feel like you are doing the giant slalom around people, dogs, and their bikes. Oh well, at least it keeps your mind active so you can’t go off into lala land.

I say “take it one day at a time” because tonight again I got  overwhelmed at the idea of training for this marathon.  I literally stopped after about 2.36 miles (again, thank you Garmin for such exact, precise measurements even when I don’t really want them) to stop myself from stressing, and to try to get my thoughts centered on the “here and now”, not in the future. That’s too overwhelming. I found that once I could focus myself on where I was going to plan to run (I find I’m not so good at making up the route as I go along, it stresses me out) I could just start back up again and get going, even though it was god-awful slow. I ended up with 4.75 miles. I’ll  take it, and chalk it up to a crappy night. Not enough Clif Shot Bloks (I am trying them out as an alternative to the Gu) and not enough sleep last night, that’s for sure.

One other thing I realized tonight, and again, this is the Type A-ness coming out.  I am actually pretty nervous about running with other people. It sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth.  Folks from my last job reading this will probably laugh, but when I started running after work there, one of my cfriends, who I will refer to as “the fashion nazi” used to want to run with me (we were both beginners).  I always said, “nope, it’ll be boring for you because I’ll have my iPod blaring so I won’t be able to talk. Plus, I’ll be too slow.”  So one day she ended up running on the same path with me, and the poor thing, she held herself back for at least a minute so that she wouldn’t catch up to me and make me nervous. Now that’s a true friend.  I literally have not run with someone else since I was in high school.  The idea of running without music, well, it makes me nervous. 

Does anyone else out there feel like they benefit from repeating a line over and over to themselves while running? I had to keep repeating those lines in the title of this post over and over to myself for the second half of my run tonight to keep myself focused.

By the way, here’s a tangent alert: when you hear things being repeated over and over, if it’s not a mantra, doesn’t it also remind you of that stupid theatrical technique that they use on soap operas all the time?  It’s supposed to be for dramatic effect, but seems kind of silly.  And, just to keep going with this tangent, does it scare you that some soap opera actors don’t seem to have aged in about 20 years or so? Seeing them reminds me of that Dorian Gray book I read in high school. Scary!  In case you’re wondering, this is another way I distracted myself tonight while running the second loop around the pond! 🙂

Alissa, I think I may need those topic cards!