Oh, and I’m a celebrity! 🙂 Well, not really, but before the race started, I was stretching on the ground and I saw someone taking my picture. Not wanting to ruin the shot with my face appearing in it, I put my head down (I wear a white Brooks hat to run in as you’ll see from the pics below), and then he snapped it.  He then told me he was with the press, and asked for my name. Cool!

I had the Melrose Run for Women this morning – it was kind of a weird distance, 3.5 miles rather than the regular 5K but that was ok.  I commented to a few ladies before the race started that it was weird to not see even one guy running. Usually when it’s a “run for women” they still have some guys running.  The two ladies I talked to, told me that they were actually not  allowed.  Wow. Anyway, I think I did the race in about 30:50, which means my mile splits were 8:49, which is really good for me!   I say “I think” because they didn’t use chip timing. Also, they called out my number over the megaphone before I got to the cones. Since I started in the middle of the pack (where else would I be, right?)  I was not entirely sure where the actual start and finish lines were.  Before the race, Bill had asked me where I thought I might come in so he would know when to start looking for me.  I said that if it was a good day, around 31:30 and if it was a really bad day, around 35 minutes.  (I just checked the race results and it gave me a time of 31:03, but I know for a fact that I finished BEFORE the 31:00 minute mark.)  Anyway, I finished within the top 25%, but of course that includes walkers. Not bad for my first race of the year!

Here’s the really weird part.  My plan today was to run a bit conservative for the first part, until my legs woke up (they can take a while, believe me) and then I hoped to start picking people off, and counting them, partly as a diversion to take my mind off of the distance left, and as a motivation to keep pushing it in the second half.  I think this was the first race I’ve been to where people actually lined up where they thought they needed to. I got passed by some people during the first quarter mile or third of a mile, but after that, not really.  We all just kind of thinned out and kept going at about the same pace.

Only disappointments – (1) got passed by two strollers, and one of them was a double! But she seemed pretty strong. (2) A little boy of about 10 or 11, who  was running with his mom most of the way (they’d take walk breaks occasionally…I know, how does this make you feel? ha ha ha) ended up beating me. Yep. Enough said.

So, here are some pics, from today’s race, and the others are especially meant for those of you not on the East Coast – this is the perfect time of the year to be in the Northeast. With all of the rain we’ve had lately (and I hear there’s more coming tomorrow), the grass is so-o-o green and the trees are all blooming. And it’s not too humid!  Sorry the captions on the pics don’t exactly line up.

Race number for my entry in the Melrose Run for Women

   Gu\'ing It Up!

The famous race bib, above.   Me “Gu’ing it up” as Bill says. Yummy!

The kid who beat me, with his mom    Me, near the finish!

Here’s the 10/11 year old who beat me. Me waving. I beat the girl in the foreground!

 almost there! 

Me, as I sprinted to the end.  That was the biggest crowd, right there, by the way, at the finish line!

Oh, and here are some pics of the lovely colors we have in New England this time of year. It’s still too early to plant in the garden, until Memorial Day unfortunately. Enjoy the color in the meantime!

My neighbor\'s tree  another neighbor\'s tree

One of  my neighbor’s trees.  Another neighbor’s tree.


Tulips  Smiling Daffodils

Tulips are everywhere!   Don’t these daffodils look like they are smiling?