I was looking for something to get me motivated and out of the house this morning and I came across this blog called Runaddict.  I decided I’m going to link to him too in my blogroll. He’s an Army National Guard Captain from Arkansas, that has now been deployed to Iraq twice. He doesn’t get to post as often as the rest of us (something tells me his job is just a wee bit more difficult than most)  but the fact that he does at all, I find impressive. I know I complain about the heat and humidity once it turns itself on in the Boston area, but I’ve heard it’s nothing compared to Iraq.  I find this guy inspiring, I think you will too.

To properly say thanks to the Run Addict (and the Gunnery Seargent from Ft. Devens whose mom I met a few weeks ago), I’d like to refer you to The Gratitude Campaign, because I can’t embed the video (don’t think Wordpress will support that type of file.)  I wish they didn’t all have to be over there, but I thank them for doing it so I can lead the life I have.