I have the day off today because I worked the past two weekends, and I’m trying to figure out where to run.  Bill said it’s supposed to start raining at noon so I figure if I do trails, it’s better to get a jump on things.  By the way, I think I now actually like running in the rain, just like The Alien.  That’s right, I want to put on those bright green Cascadias of mine and try them out again, so I can get that last debacle of trail running out of my mind.  There’s a place near me called Great Brook  State Farm, which is a little unusual because the folks who run the farm actually lease it from the state of MA.  If you know anything about the real estate market in MA, it’s that this farm would be worth millions if a private party actually owned it.  This may mean no really long run for me this week though, since I am running that Melrose Run for Women on Sunday morning (can’t wait) but I’ve been really increasing those long runs the last few weeks so I think it might be good for my legs to take a step back (no pun intended.)

I took a page from Chris‘ book yesterday and got up early before work to lift weights. I do feel it today in my arms, which I think means I did something right. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run last night because they had our TNT kick-off event.  I was a little bit disappointed that we don’t individually get paired up with a teammate – rather it’s our whole North Shore training team that gets paired up with an honored teammmate, but I am still hoping to be able to communicate with that gentleman (who looks to be very nice, and is a former TNTer) anyway.  I’ve been told that we will likely end up meeting more people with blood cancers as we go through the process so I may end up running in honor of several people by the time we actually get to the Maine Marathon.  The coach seemed nice though, and I met my mentor, who was also very nice, and who assured me, I will be able to finish the race standing on two legs, not crawling on all fours. 🙂 

So, I guess the rest of my day will be figuring out fundraising ideas, picking up my number for Sunday (yay, this is always fun and gets me revved up for the race) and doing some of my freelance work (I do research for someone working on a book.) Oh, and maybe downloading some new songs from iTunes for the race on Sunday – my playlists need some spicing up. Oh,and nagging my little brother to get his blog up and running. So far, anyone I’ve told that he wants to run a 50 mile race, and then another one, just so he can enter the lottery for the Western States 100 thinks he’s completely insane!