I admit it, I don’t like running trails, I decided that today.  Riding bikes on trails, good. Walking with my husband on trails and enjoying the scenery, good. Running on them, no, not good. 

There I was in my bright green Cascadias, which are great shoes by the way, (or “clown shoes” as Bill calls them), running along, thinking “this is good, I am doing ok, don’t look at your watch since you’re running so slow.  Think about how much better this is than running on the treadmill, these trails are so much better marked than those at the Fells, it’s great to get into the motion of running and paying attention to every footfall, Chris and Alissa should try it, they’d love it!”  Yep, then I came to the large mud pile/pool of muck of which I could not see the bottom.  Took one step into it, and how do I describe this sound? “THWUCK” might do it justice, not sure. At this point, I said, that’s it, that’s it, I hate this, and stopped running so I could find my way to the road.  Not to mention the fact that with trails, it’s hard to always know where you are, and I hate the feeling of being lost, even with the Garmin on. After all, it’s not a compass, not my model anyway. And there’s the possibility of poison ivy, ticks, etc.  I kept going on with this list in my mind.

Once I admitted this to myself, I felt a lot better. I guess I will have to find fire roads to run on to use these shoes now, because I just called the store and unfortunately, they won’t take them back, even though I only ran about 6 miles on them, and I still have my receipt. They asked “did you run outside in them?” to which I said “yes, they’re trail shoes.” (You caught the understatement in my non-existent virtual tone, right? If you’ve ever run in trail shoes, you know why I wouldn’t use them on a treadmill. Talk about asking for pain.) Ugh.

Today’s run was so pathetic and slow that I won’t go into any more details about it. I am just writing today off as another crappy run day, and I am sure it won’t be my last.  I need to end this on a positive note, as that is my new motto, to not dwell on the negative, so maybe this bodes well for my race on Sunday, as in a bad practice makes a great routine?!