Yes, I am being as my husband would say, “so-oo-oo dramatic!”  Of course, normally, it’s in a complaining way so I can get a back rub, but tonight it’s in a good way.  My run didn’t start out that way however. I started screaming when I saw that after about 2 seconds, my iPod was on red, which is NEVER  good thing.  And then I saw that my Garmin watch was taking forever to find the satellites, even as the precious battery life of my iPod was draining…  I just finally said, “ah, screw it, mom’s distance by car odometer will have to do for this evening” and took off. What was meant to be a somewhat regular run became a tempo run out of necessity.  I am happy to say I ran 3 miles in 26:23, which is pretty good for me! I can honestly say I don’t remember running that distance that fast anytime since high school, and well, I’m 35, so you can do the math as to how long it’s been. Yay! 

One of my goals for this year is to run a 5K under 26, so I think that after all the training I’ll be going through over the summer, that could finally be within my reach.  Every time I looked at my pace during the first two miles, I saw the number “8” in the “minute” place on my watch.  Wow! Even when I felt like I was dying (again  I’m being on the dramatic side) during that last mile, for part of it, I was running something like 8:49! Woohoo!  I really did want to stop at one point, then I remembered Alissa’s post on Mental Toughness, kept repeating that to myself for a bit, and then kept on going. I said to myself, “you big baby – you’ve been running for too long to allow yourself to stop here.”  I call myself  a big baby a lot – it helps to make me mad and keep on going. 🙂

I may be naive to say this, but I think the physical part I will be able to get through this summer, given time.  It’s the mental part that is going to take a lot of work, to get rid of the self-doubts that start to creep in when I am getting tired.  If there are any books that any of you have read and found particularly helpful in this aspect, or if there are any tricks you know of that can work, I’m all ears.