Bill said that to me the other night as I sat down to write like usual, and I just laughed.  He calls me “the blogger” and my laptop, “the blog machine.”  I suppose that is better than calling it “the silver devil” which is its old nickname.  🙂  That was when I think you could say I was seriously addicted to email, and was working around the clock at home. While I still do that somewhat, I think I have been better able to prioritize my work and other things, such as running, etc., and I am feeling better about my life overall.  I think I am actually more productive at work during the day, knowing that my first two hours or so after work are “me time” and then I can focus on other things.

But seriously, I am enjoying myself.  When I first started this blog, I was literally writing only for myself. I was too worried to even send an email out to my family and some friends to let them know it existed before I had written several posts, afraid that they might think it was silly. It started out as a way to keep everyone informed since I’ve not always been the best at being able to keep up with everyone, and my family is so spread out geographically. Lately though, it’s become more than that. It’s been a place where I can express myself, provide humor to others, and also talk about the  disappointments that I know will be inevitable this summer and what will hopefully be my very long running career.  

I have really appreciated all of the advice, support and encouragement  given to me by everyone who has made comments over the past month.  In my career field, we tend to think of blogs more as one-sided and not as interactive as some of the other tools we use, but where this blog has been concerned, I am glad to see that that has not been the case.  Chubby Girl Running wrote that she felt like she had a club of sorts that helps to pat each other on the back with encouragement. I agree with that and also like I have a support group, which takes me back to the title of my post. 🙂  Just knowing people out there are reading what I have to say is one of many inspirations I have to persevere.

So, this is my long-winded way of saying, thank you very much for reading!