As you can tell, my speedwork didn’t go as I wanted it to this evening.  Tonight was my virgin experience with my heart rate monitor.  Um. Yeah.  I wanted to take that thing and throw it as far as I could, and I would have except for the fact that along with the fancy watch that came with it, it cost about $90, not counting the discount I get at Marathon Sports with my employee ID.  At first I couldn’t get the thing to stick against my chest, then I was not sure, was it ok for it to rest on the strap it came on, should I be tucking it under the sports bra?  Why do guys without breasts have no problem wearing these things, yet I am having all these problems?!  Why don’t they make these things for people my size?!  These are the types of thoughts that went through my head. (Yep, I was starting to lose it.)

At first it showed something like 57, then 65, and then 33. Now, I know my heart beat is on the lower side from my physical of a month or so ago, but I think 33 puts me close to dead. Which I’m not.  There was supposed to be some step-up test that helps you to figure out your estimated max heart rate, but after doing that for about 2 minutes, it still said something like 84 bpm,which really didn’t sound right. At this point, I figured I should just start running my 400 intervals and pray for the best. 

So, that’s when I opened my mouth while gasping for air and promptly let a bug fly into it. So now I’ve got competing thoughts going through my mind – (1) how the hell do I get this thing out?  (2) Did I really just inhale a bug?! (3) What in the world was I thinking signing up for a marathon when right now I feel like I couldn’t run a quarter mile even if you had a gun to my head?  Thoughts of ridding the bug won, and I saw it was black, and not as small as I had hoped. That’s all I cared to see.  UGH.

I had meant to do about 10 repeats of 400 yards. I’ve done it before and felt fine, as long as I walked 200 yards in between, or jogged really slowly.  Tonight, I was lucky to get through 6 of them, plus 4 repeats of 200 yards each.  The 400s each took me about 1:50 to 1:55, and the 200s took me about 45 seconds or so for each of them.  I think my maximum bpm was about 184 or so. I have no idea if that is good or not.  All the while, that heart rate monitor occasionally felt like it was sliding down my chest.   I gave up when what felt like another bug flew into my eye. I got to my car and saw that luckily, it was just a small piece of asphalt. (Sad, that I think a piece of asphalt/track in the eye is a good thing, compared to a bug.)

I suppose things would have been a little better if I wasn’t so concerned about dodging the adult running team that was also using the high school track.   There were two women on that team that consistenly seemed to be the strongest, and who made me feel even more like a slowpoke this evening.  I know that this also sounds silly, but every time I ran by the group, I wondered if they thought I was running weirdly, or if I had bad form. My brother tells me to not worry about that sort of thing, that everyone has their own way of doing things, but I don’t usually run around groups, either. I know, it’s silly to waste any energy over that.

I have decided that as for tonight, this picture below is much more fitting of me than the Energizer Bunny from a few days ago. I hope I can get out of this funk by Sunday when I run the Melrose Run for Women.  I know, we all go through weeks like this, am I right?  I know, I need to develop Mental Toughness like Alissa mentioned.  That has always been my problem in the past.

Terri the Snail

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