Quick note before I head out the door for work today.

I had every intention of doing speed work last night to get ready for my race this weekend. Thing is, my brain and my stomach were not communicating. I was starting to not feel so great about a half hour before I left work.  It just got worse on my way home. I even got to my local high school, got out of the car, sat back down, and then got out again. As you can tell, it was a battle of wills, and the stomach won. Last night I felt more nauseous than I have in a while. Bill ran out to the store to get me some medicine and right now I am feeling a ton better. I also got a lot of sleep, so I think that should help.

So tonight is the inaugural use of my Timex heart monitor, I am excited!  I really want to know what my max is, etc., so that I can start to get a little faster on my shorter runs. I feel like I’ve been at a plateau speed-wise for a hiwle now and it is time to work on that while I stay at my same long-distance for the next two weeks or so.  I’m planning on trying to do about 10 or 11 400s, and only having to walk about 200 yards or even less in between to recover.

Anybody think that’s too much or too little? Advice and suggestions are much appreciated!

And I’ve decided the next book I’m going to start reading over my lunch hour is about K2.  If you are not familiar with my “learning about mountaineering/Everest from afar” obsession, well, I’ve always been fascinated about those folks who can climb those Himalayan mountains.  K2 is actually known as being the more difficult of the mountains to climb although it’s only the 2nd highest mountain in the world.  From what I understand, it’s the top 3,000 feet that is the most dangerous. If you want to see what I mean, you should click here for some beautiful pictures.  Reading about what those who climb those mountains can accomplish, never fails to inspire me.