Where would we be without the support of our family, right?

Before I forget, please note I added more videos to my music and videos page – check it out, and see if you can find whether I have any certain taste in music. If you can put it in a category, I’d love to know what it is! 🙂

Mom brought some pictures with her when she came to visit for the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago, and we finally got them scanned in, so here they are!

Me and two of my fans!

This was taken last Thanksgiving, when my brother Jamie came to visit and we started up a new tradition of running a 5K race together that day. Bill’s onthe left (my right) and the very tall one is Jamie, my little brother, in case you missed the pictures I took of him the day before the Boston Marathon. Yes, they really are that much taller than me. Yes, I really am that short.

Below is a picture of me, Jamie and my mom after we finished the Feaster Five. Believe it or not, but I actually came in within the top 25% of women that day, I think. Scary, but good! 🙂 And yes, Jamie is actually holding one of the pies that we ran for that day. 3.1 miles for a pie. The things that people will do for free food, right?

Jamie, Terri and Mom at the Feaster Five Road Race, Thanksgiving 2007

This one below is of Jamie and me before the road race began. It looks like it was dark out, but really, it was just kind of a darkish, rainy/foggy day out. Notice I have my iPod on even when we ran together, although I tried to be social and keep them turned down so I could hear what he was saying, at least for the first two miles anyway. We’re still smiling because we didn’t realize the entire first mile of the course was UP A HILL!

Jamie and Terri before the Feaster Five Road Race begins

That was an amazingly huge race. I’m number 3891, and I signed up about 4 days before the race. I couldn’t believe it but there were about 7000 people there, on Thanksgiving, and there were lots of other races held that day too. I guess a lot of other folks wanted to work off some extra calories in advance, too!