I am very happy to say that yesterday I ran the furthest I have ever run, inside or outside. And, it was in the rain and I didn’t melt! For those of you who have not been reading the blog since the beginning (such as my family, or my husband, Bill, who kind of have a bloodline mandatory reason to do so), you should know it means I have come a LONG WAY! Way outside of my comfort zone! It was only about 48 degrees outside yesterday, it’s been raining off and on since Friday morning, and I have to say I actually enjoyed it!! (By the way, I just added a video to my Motivating Music page, that is pretty appropriate for the weather we are having here!)

The furthest I had run outside before yesterday was 6.82 miles. Yesterday took me about 78 minutes or so, but I don’t care about the time. I was just happy to be able to do the distance, and the way I look at it, the long run is about building the endurance, training your muscles to keep doing the same thing over and over and over. In fact, while I was running, I was thinking of the pink Energizer bunny, who just keeps going, and going, and going, and thought maybe somehow I could get a picture of it and somehow put it on my clothes for the Maine Marathon, to remind me what I’m doing that day. I think I have decided I like running longer distances, slow, rather than running shorter distances, faster. At least for today that’s what I think.

I think part of what motivated me is knowing that at the end of my run, I was going to get a ride home from my in-laws, and about a mile before the end, I started thinking of hot chocolate. It never tasted so good as it did yesterday! Kind of cool to say you could run from one town to another!

Thanks to Gibtown Runner for thinking of the P.R. Distance challenge! And congrats to him by the way, for running 8.5 miles – wow!

What do you think? :-)pink energizer bunny