Yep, I was pretty excited tonight when he called and told me this. First, he asked if I was still worried about my decision to try to run a marathon this fall. You see, this past weekend, I decided, “ok, I’m motivated now, let’s get out there and do a long run.”  So I did, I set off, and tried to figure out a new route while I ran, by keeping on looking at my Garmin watch. That’s a good thing and a bad thing because even when  you don’t want to, you find yourself looking at the time passed, as well as your speed, and your distance.   I then started thinking about the whole Team in Training thing, and then about my being paired up with someone who will certainly inspire me, the thought that maybe that person could actually be at the race (hopefully!)  and then, lo and behold, I looked down and saw I was running WAY TOO FAST to keep up at that pace for a long run of almost 7 miles. (You see, my goal was to run about 6.5 or a little bit more that day.)  At about 2.92 miles (again, thank you  Garmin for telling me the exact distance) I got so overwhelmed, thinking, “holy crap, how in the world can I keep this up for 26.2 miles – what the hell am I thinking?”  So I stopped, and walked for about 2 minutes. During this time, I debated – should I keep going and still try to do some long distance (long for me) or cut it short, and only do about 4 miles?

Well, long story short, I decided to start up again, see how I felt at my “possible turn-around/stop spot” and go from there.  I did ultimately run a total of 6.82 miles that day, and it felt really good. I did it by telling myself, “there’s no reason for these negative thoughts, you do have several months to keep training for this race. It’s not like it’s today, after all, so calm down!” I’ve always had this problem of these types of thoughts going through my mind when my run is not going so well, or I’m just feeling stressed in general.

When my brother called tonight, he wanted to check on me and see that I was still not feeling overwhelmed, and it’s funny because I had told him what happened the other day, and his pep talk was pretty much what I had said to myself to get going again.

Then he asked me, how I had started my blog because he wants to start up one while he trains for his ultramarathon this summer.   While his miles will clearly put mine to shame, and his slower pace of running for this type of race may make some of us to think about, I think his positive attitude and manner is infectious, and I hope that a lot of you will agree with me. Once he gets it up and running, I’ll let you all know where to find it and will, of course, link to it from my own.   Woohoo, go Jamie!!!! (Sorry, I mean “Jim.”)  Yeah, right, you’ll never be anything other than Jamie to me! You can see pictures of him by clicking here.

I used to think that marathoners were insane, but I can safely say that I will ALWAYS think ultramarathoners are completely crazy! But, in a good way. 🙂