I’ve recently joined (it’s free) an online website called Runner’s Lounge (you’ll see it linked on the right hand side of my blog.)  It’s social networking, like Facebook, but for runners, by runners.  They have a blog, of course, and there are sources you can look to for advice, as well as give advice to other runners. I like the fact that the two people who started it, Amy and Tom, have figured out the balancing act of running, work, and having a family. And no, they have not paid me to say anything good about them – I’m doing this on my own.

It’s great to have such a welcoming community to talk to and get advice from.  They’ve been nothing but supportive of me so far, and I like the fact that they don’t differentiate from front of the packers, to those in the middle like me, and some of you may be very happy to see that Amy is great for championing the back of the packers – yay! So, if you have a free second, you might want to check them out!

And again, it’s FREE!