I realize now that this is my fourth post this evening – I must be in a writing mood! Tonight I decided to run through a very lovely neighborhood that I pass by on my way to work every morning. The houses are absolutely gorgeous – most are HUGE, and are in a very quiet, tree-lined area. Oh, and it’s FLAT – YIPPEE, A BONUS!

I started off, not knowing if I should do a tempo run, or just take it easy. I quickly realized, ok, it’s a tempo night,or a pseudo-speedwork night, without the track. Needless to say, tempo runs, or the idea of them, still scare me. I think it’s because they make me feel like an asthma attack is imminent, or like I can’t keep on going at my pace forever, and then the thought of running further at that pace makes me even more tired. Yes, again with the self-doubt.

So, I ended up running 1 mile at a sub-9 minute pace, and then a second mile, again at a faster than 9 minute pace. I confess, during the last .1 of a mile on the second one, I kept looking at my Garmin watch, thinking “my God, when is this going to end?!” I then did a half mile at around an 8:30 pace, and then another .65 at a quick pace (it was longer, because I was running toward my car.) I freaked myself out, looking at my Garmin, seeing that at one point, at the end, I was running around a 7:49 pace.  I could never keep that up for very long, that is for sure.

Thing is, speedwork doesn’t scare me like this. I can do 10 400’s around the track, walking 200s in between, and be ok with it. Those I can do in about 1:45 to 1:50 pace for each one, but when you put a whole bunch of them together, for what I think is a tempo run (maybe I’m wrong in defining what it is?) and I want to just sit down and say, “ok, game over.”

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get more comfortable with the idea of doing tempo runs? Any and all advice would be MUCH appreciated.