Bill always wonders what would happen if they tried to have a man-only race, how people might react, since there are so many “runs for women” nowadays. I have no idea.

Anyway, there is a 3.5 mile race (I know, that’ll be unusual since I’ve never per se “raced” that distance before) in a town near me, which is a Women’s Race. It’s to be held on Mother’s Day, which alone in itself is a cool thing, but it’s to raise money for victims of domestic violence. It’s called the Melrose Run for Women. I’ve been waffling about doing the Burlington 5K this weekend that I did last year, in part because I’d like to do another long run in support of Emilie this weekend, and also because I have to work later that day too. And yeah, there are HILLS in that race, so part of me is being a wimp. Part of me wants to see if I can do it any faster than I did last year, which was somewhere in the range of 27:20ish. (They don’t use chips, so I’m trying to subtract what I think is realistic from the time that was on the clock when I finally crossed that finish line.)

When Alissa mentioned to me in a comment the other day that I should think about doing the Nike Run for Women, I admit, I felt wistful. I still do, but I do like the fact that if I run the Maine Marathon, then I have a chance of my honored teammate (as yet unknown) also being there. I’d love to be able to hold that person’s hand as I cross the finish line (even if I’m on my hands and knees at the same time, doing the same type of crawl that my 10-month old niece is perfecting.)

Now I just wonder, if I do the Maine Marathon, will I be able to do the Tufts 10K For Women, just a week later? I would hope that a 10K would feel like a cakewalk in comparison to a marathon, but at the same time, I don’t want to hurt myself by doing too much again too soon, so maybe I’ll walk it. That in itself would be weird. That race is cool – last year, they had Joanie Benoit Samuelson lead stretching routines beforehand, and she also led (I think) the Kid’s Run earlier that morning too. Not too many races can say that they have that as part of the festivities.

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to be on the lookout for more races like the one in Melrose. Don’t get me wrong, though, coed races are still fun too!