Gibtown Runner recently had a post on Why Do I Feel This Need to Blog? and tonight I think I can echo his thoughts. Some days are just, well, there, and you find it hard to get motivated to get out there.  Maybe for me it’s because it’s been cold, rainy and raw out here in the Boston area for the last few days, and well, my running shoes are (ahem) not really water repellant to say the least. And the thought of running on a treadmill just makes me want to go to sleep. Not that I’d have a chance of getting on one, when literally, every one in the gym seems to be taken on these types of days, but who can blame them?  Hey, no one else wants to be out in this crap either!  So I did a lot of the “Escalator to nowhere”/”stairmaster of death” (which, I’ve read, can be considered hill work, thankfully) and the stationary bike.  But, enough of that boring stuff.

If you need some positive inspiration to get out of bed in the morning, or to feel grateful for the little things, take a look at the page that Tim Morris’ friends put together for him after his accident last summer.   He was one of the personal trainers at my gym until last summer (I hear that they are holding his job open), and who is trying to get back to being able to walk.  Originally, the website was written primarily by his older sister, Chris, who you can tell just adores him.  Reading the posts written by Tim now, it’s just amazing the changes he’s made in the last 8-9 months.  This guy’s achievements definitely show you that the adage “mind over matter” can really mean something! It gives me hope and motivation, and I hope it does the same for you.