Last night I thought I might try to run on some flat paths near the Charles River. I got frustrated after not being able to find a parking space since I’m not a Cambridge resident and thus, don’t have their city sticker, so I gave up and started to drive toward South Border Road. Finally got there, even with Friday night traffic, and well, here’s the thing. I felt stronger overall than I did the last time. But I do feel like I need a little bit more mental confidence to get through that 4.1 miles without stopping to walk at all. I need to get to that point in my mind where, when I see a hill, I say, “so what” and just keep on going, without it mentally making me feel more tired.

Heading out this morning to the Team-In-Training informational meeting, and then I have to figure out whether I’m doing speed work or another  long run today. I’m reading John Bingam’s Marathoning for Mortals right now, and they say that if you miss a workout, it’s gone forever.  (He’s the guy that refers to himself as “The Penguin” in Runner’s World.)  Well, what if you can’t exactly follow a plan to the umpteenth detail? Not everyone can say that they have the exact same workout days available each week! Anyone out there have suggestions? I have to work the next two Sundays so I need to change my speedwork and long run days around, which will mean I’m doing long runs, then the speed work.  That is probably not the way you are supposed to do it, but what do you do in that situation?

By the way, this is good news… my little brother Jamie just volunteered to run a half-marathon with me!  You have to understand, this is a big deal, because it will be run by him so much slower than normal…that is a great idea! With him running next to me, I know I will want to keep on going, and going, and going! (yes, like the pink Energizer bunny)