As I started thinking about all the races I want to do this year (I figure it might be a good way to work in some speed workouts), I thought about all the things I wish for when I run a race.

  1. To finish.
  2. To not let myself walk.
  3. To catch up to that person who flies by me at the beginning, only to see them walking later on.  Then I try to blow by them, and keep on going.
  4. To not be beaten by someone running with their dog, especially if it’s a small one.
  5. To not be passed by someone wearing a costume, because well, it’s just embarrassing (although I should just realize that those people are usually in awesome shape, otherwise how would they not be afraid to run a race in such a get-up?)
  6. To not be passed by someone pushing a baby stroller. Yes, this is something I have still not accomplished.  When I do that 3 mile race in Newton every fall, Paddy’s Road Race, I generally do get passed by a stroller. Usually they beat me. By at least 5 minutes. 😦
  7. To get stronger and faster every time.
  8. To not let any hills defeat me.

I can’t come up with a 9 and 10 (sorry, I’m not a writer for David Letterman) because honestly other than these thoughts and the iPod there’s not a whole lot of time to think about anything else!

Yeah…it’s been a slow night for me, blog post-wise. I’m trying to entertain myself while my husband watches the Celtics (who are finally good this year) demolish Atlanta.