Corey was nice enough to send me pictures from the Boston Marathon this past Monday.  I don’t know about anyone else but these make my eyes well up when I look at them.  You may remember that as part of the Miles for Miracles team, he was going to be able to push Abi the final 385 yards of the race.  Here are some pictures of that final leg of the race:

Corey and Abi - the final 385 yardsCorey Canada and Abi Simpson, check out her sign!

I absolutely LOVE the look on her face!  Corey also told me that he’s already signed up to be paired with Abi again next year, and that the experience was so great, he had signed up to do so even before running the race this past week.

Corey, you are just SO AWESOME in my mind – I can’t tell you how proud of you I am, and how much you have inspired me, and I am sure, many others by doing this.  Thank you!