Thank you to everyone who has asked me how my brother did yesterday at the Boston Marathon. He ran slower than he originally wanted to do, but he was still happy with his results, and I am very proud of him! I was a little bummed because I wasn’t able to pick him out of the crowd when he ran through the Natick area (right at the 15K mark) although my eyes were peeled for so long! My mom and I decided next year he has to wear orange or some other color so he can stick out more!

Jamie’s overall time was 3:17:19, and he said that he was with Lance Armstrong up through the first half! His placing overall was 3707, and he had a 7:32 overall pace. He did reach one of his goals which was to not let HeartBreak Hill defeat him. We unfortunately had some problems picking him out of the crowd. We drove to Natick Center to try to see him at the 10 mile mark. After waiting until 11:20, we gave up and decided to move on to another spot, as we figured he should have come through by then. We were supposed to receive text messages on our phones when he came through at various splits, and we never got them so we were worried something had happened, especially since we knew he had not felt that great the day before. We also found out after the race that he’d been suffering from tendonitis. Anyone who has run that course knows how hard those hills can be on your legs. As he said, there’s no place to put on the breaks and just coast along – it’s a constant up, and down, and up and down, and up…you get the idea. Since we didn’t get the text messages, luckily my husband Bill was able to look him up online and give me periodic reports by phone, so we could track where he was. He was in such “the zone” that he never heard us yelling at Kenmore Square (which was just AMAZING with the fan support), nor did he hear my other family members waiting at the top of HeartBreak Hill, around the 21 mile mark.

My friend Corey Canada, who ran with the Miles for Miracles team, finished his FIRST Boston marathon in a very impressive 4:09:38. I am so proud of him! That is just amazing. While I didn’t get to see him push Abi Simpson across the finish line, I am sure that was an awesome feeling and one which he may have trouble putting into words. (You can see my related posts on Corey here, and here.)

By the way, in their honor, when I got home last night, I went out and ran a 10K and it felt awesome! Today I don’t even feel tired.  Guess it was the inspiration of watching so many people run and achieve their dreams yesterday that helped to spur me on!  As of last night, I KNOW I am going to do a half-marathon and can’t wait to go to the Team-In-Training meeting I signed up for this week. I saw so many of those purple shirts yesterday, that was quite cool.