After watching the Olympic Trials this morning, I was very inspired and came home and ran this evening, afer having a big pasta dinner with my family and friends.  I even did a tempo run from beginning to end, rather than the 20 minutes in the middle that Jamie had advised I do.  Yay! For me, to run 4.11 miles in 37:23 IS  a tempo run.  (I confess, I had to ask Jamie at what pace I should run to consider something a tempo run.)   Except for a bit where I could feel myself slow somewhere in that range between 3-4 miles, I felt pretty good, and even then, I knew I was running faster than normal.  Didn’t wear the Garmin so I can’t be positive of exactly where in the distance it was. Sometimes it’s alright to just go on feeling, you know?!

Anyway, I don’t feel as afraid of them now, as I did before, but that still doesn’t mean I’m going to fall in love with tempo runs.  it could also be because my route for tonight did not have many inclines, at least not ones that are scary compared to South Border Road.  Why couldn’t I just run long and slow forever? 🙂