Jamie with hat on the day before the Boston Marathon

Jamie, sans hat, the day before the Boston Marathon

He’ll be in a grey t-shirt, teal shorts (as requested by me, so I could pick him out of the crowd) and his Nike Freeze shoes! Oh, and of course there will be a Brooks running hat on his head (I think a blue one, but can’t be sure.)

And in case you’re confused, this IS my brother Jamie (“Jim” to all of his friends.)  He’s hoping to break 3 hours, if not make his ultimate goal of 2:45.  We kept telling him today that we’ll look for him to be near Lance Armstrong, whose yellow shirt should also be easy to spot.   I think he thought we were kidding, but seriously they could be close together if all goes well.

Oh and by the way the Olympic Trials today were just amazing – Joan Benoit Samuelson and everyone ran so well. Pictures are forthcoming!