This post will be a quick one as I need to get some sleep and get up early in the morning to get down to Boston to watch the trials. Jamie came into town today and wants to run a few miles in the morning before we go.  Yes, I think he’s insane, considering it’s our goal to get downtown by around 7 tomorrow morning.  My  mom and Bill think so too.

So, I did some speed work today, for the first time, in well…let’s just say a long time.  Usually I do that type of work on the treadmill, but it was good to do it on an actual track.  I told Jamie that I hate feeling like I’m going to die for the entire 400 yards/meters but I do realize it’ll make me stronger in the long run, since I want to run a 5K race in the beginning of May.  (And yes, that course does have hills, way too many toward the end too.  Last year when I ran it, I knew it was the last quarter mile, and as I neared the high school and saw the incline, the thought that went through my mind was, “are you ‘expletive deleted‘ kidding me?!” to myself. This year I aim to be much stronger.

I told Jamie tonight that tempo runs scare me. Literally, the idea of one kind of does – because it means I won’t be able to really breathe very much, but he assured me that it’s a necessary evil if you want to run faster.  Well, ok, little brother, coach of mine from afar, if that’s what you say, then I’ll believe it, but that still doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that all of my speedwork was 10 x 400’s around 1:45 to 1:50.  To some of you out there that probably sounds slow. To me, that’s kind of fast, considering for a 5K I run somewhere around 9 minute miles.  I told my mom (who had walked a few miles around the track herself) that Jamie still runs faster than my sprint pace for 26.2 miles.  Yet, he is amazed by the likes of the amazing women running tomorrow morning.

If you see someone who’s barely above 5 feet tomorrow, yelling quite loudly, that’s likely me with my family, except for Bill, who’s staying home to sleep in, in the morning. He may be better rested than us in the morning but the way I look  at it, I get to see a bit of history being made.

Can’t wait to dissect the race tomorrow night!!!!!

Go super-fast ladies, make us proud!!!!!!!