I ran tonight on South Border Road. At first, I think Bill thought I was nuts, and as I started, i thought maybe I was too! To make a long story short, there’s not a whole lot of room between you and cars on that road and well, there are lots of inclines or (ahem) hills… It was a good workout, although I admit I walked a bit. However on the way home with about .4 of a mile still left, I saw the last hill and I almost stopped. Then I thought to myself, don’t be such a baby and keep on powering through it. I did, and then I kept on powering down the hill toward my car. It was a great feeling. Even though I had walked a bit, I was still able to finish 3.98 miles in under 40 minutes. I am hoping I could eventually keep up that type of pace for a half-marathon but time will tell. It’s one  of those roads where, until you physically run on it, you don’t have a true appreciation for the changes in height.

My mom is in town this weekend to see Jamie run the marathon on Monday – we’ll try to see him at least at 3 locations – although with how fast he runs, we literally see him, scream, then run to our car and drive to the next spot as fast as we can. It’s exciting!