I found out my little brother’s bib today for the Boston Marathon – it is Bib #2021. If you see that number streaking by you, yell out either “JIM!!!” or “Saint-Amour!!!” which will very likely sound like “say no more!!!” I will ask him to wear an ugly color combination on Monday so that he sticks out well like he did at Philly. We are going to watch the trials together on Sunday but I’m going to insist on carrying a chair and forcing him to sit whenever possible, to save those legs for Monday.

While you are at it, please keep an eye out for Bib #21631 – That’s Corey Canada’s number – he’s my friend running with the Miles for Miracles team. He is actually planning on trying to complete the marathon in under 4 hours, and I think he’s got the legs and the willpower in him.

I’ve been reading about the women running in Sunday’s race. In addition to the elites, I am just so inspired by hearing about the “Regular” women like most of us – that is, those who don’t have the sponsorships, or the ones with “day jobs” or multiple kids. There is one person, Emily LeVan, who qualified for the Trials, then found out the next day that her little daughter, who is 3 now, I believe, had leukemia. Can you imagine? How much heart and dedication can that one person have? She has a website, TwoTrials, where you can read more about her. There’s another lady that has been profiled in Runner’s World, Chris Kimbrough, who is a mother of 4 and yet still finds the time to train.  I don’t even have any kids and I can’t figure out how she’d find the time to train!  These are just two of the women that I find really inspiring. I don’t know how they do it, but I do know I’ll be yelling loudly as they pass by on Sunday.