I didn’t have a chance to run tonight (had dinner plans with some journal students I work with), so I’ll let you know about another book and person who makes me realize that even when I’m having a bad day, I am lucky to be alive, and that things could always be worse…

By now, you know of my interest and obsession in all things Everest. So it should come as no surprise to you that I read a book about a person who climbed Everest. However, it’s an autobiography of someone who survived cancer twice, and some very nasty forms of it. Sean Swarner, who has a website called CancerClimber (although I can’t really tell when it was last updated). He wanted to show other folks with cancer that they could survive and then do amazing things, like climb the world’s tallest mountain. He has also climbed the highest mountains on each continent. His book is called Keep Climbing.  It’s somewhat conversational in nature, but you can tell how much energy this guy has.  You have to imagine yourself in his place, being told that your cancer is back, and by the way, you now have two weeks to live. His cancer treatments were so bad that time around that they literally would put him into a coma because they’d be so hard on him if he were conscious that he might not be able to stand it.

Please note: although I’ve linked to where you can find it on Amazon (as with all the other books I’ve mentioned) I do feel occupationally compelled to tell you that you can also likely find it at your local library! 🙂

So, if you are a runner like me, and you find yourself hurting one day during a run, think about this guy and you will be able to find the strength to keep on going, I promise you.