1. You go on a business trip and realize your suitcase is filled with more running clothes than with clothes for your conference. Hey, a girl has to plan for all types of weather, ya know!
  2. Even though your legs are yelling at you, and your lungs are yelling other expletives at the same time, you keep on going. Why? Cause this is supposed to be fun!
  3. When you’re driving to work and see other people running, you feel jealous.
  4. You think pain is normal, especially the day after a long run or lifting weights.
  5. You think ice baths are good.  (Have to admit, I have not gotten on board with this one yet.) Who ARE those people (and ahem, even though you shall remain nameless, STEVEN, you know who you are!)
  6. When you’re at your conference, you find yourself looking forward to the end of the day, not because the conference is bad, but because you know you can get out and do some running and sightseeing at the same time. (What can I say, I’m a Type A personality, although it’s a constant struggle not to be. After all, I used to be a lawyer.)
  7. You find yourself subscribing to both Runner’s World, then Running Times, because to get just one magazine just isn’t good enough.
  8. You think your family member who want to run a 50 Mile race, and the other wanting to run a 50K race, are cool, not just weird…(By the way, Steven has vowed to draw blood from Jamie if Jamie runs the 50 miles faster than Steven can get through the 50K. So be on the lookout for *violence* at the Finger Lakes 50s. This could get ugly… 🙂
  9.  Your idea of clothes shopping has changed from the Gap Outlet to looking for new running clothes at Bob’s Stores, or for new running shoes at City Sports.
  10. You not only run, but then blog about it in the evenings…Now that’s sick…Ha ha ha!