So, tonight I decided to try trail running with my very green Brooks Cascadia shoes. SIGH.  When I got home, I looked at Bill and said “yeah, that might not have been the greatest idea I’ve ever had to run trails in the evening around that time of 6:30-7:30.”  He looked at me and said excitedly, “did you wipe out?!” with this big grin on his face. Those of you reading this who know him know exactly what look I am talking about.  No, I didn’t wipe out, but it was a constant battle with my lungs there for a while during the first ten minutes, which is what I always find to be the hardest.

I did, however, get lost, and get a little freaked out when I couldn’t figure out where I was.  I have this “navigate” feature on my GPS but I was worried that it would have me retrace all of my tracks exactly and make me track back through all of the puddles/mini river flows I had already run through, and while my shoes are water repellant, they are not (emphasis on the NOT here) water resistant like a pair of boots.

To make a long story short, I ran over 4 miles but at least one mile of it was on the roads near the Fellsway. You know  you have a bad sense of direction when you are looking at the road signs on Route 93 to make sure you are running toward, and not away from, your car. I almost freaked out enough to the point that I almost called Bill to come pick me up, until I realized how ridiculous that would have been for me to wait for him to come pick me up and take me to my car – I could just RUN there by the time he’d get to me anyway! 🙂

So I’m thinking it might have been a little overeager on my part to go running right now, in the Fells, especially right after a rain.  Yes, there were a lot of places with tons of standing water!! 😦

And where were all of the birds that I was waiting to hear go “tweet tweet!!??” I admit, I did run without my headphones for a bit but then I thought, “what is this crap?” and turned them back on! 🙂

But those shoes are awesome, by the way, you feel like you have an alligator’s teeth on your feet!